4 Marketing Techniques From Big Hotel Brands.

As more and more hoteliers enter the scene, competition in the industry intensifies. As a result, businesses have to come up with new, innovative ways to attract customers and differentiate themselves from the others.


Leaders in the industry have therefore come up with a number of marketing strategies that can be tweaked to work with nearly any company. They are as follows:


1 – Provide a unique experience

Journeying individuals are no longer just looking for a warm bed at night. Nowadays, they are also looking for a unique experience. The internet is becoming a bigger part of the hotel booking process, and there are now many different ways for customers to reserve accommodation for the night. This method of reaching hotels is more widespread among the millennial generation, who tend to travel more often than the older generation.


Since this group of people travel often, it is likely that they will make up a larger portion of your customers. That being said, they are looking for other things to do outside of their rooms. How can you cater to that desire?


Many hotels have taken initiative and provided their guests with additional activities – exercise classes, scavenger hunts, and even cooking classes. This allows them to target that section of the market that enjoys more social activities.


Conclusion: As the tastes and preferences of the individuals that make up your market evolve, you must adapt along with them by figuring out what marketing message will attract them.


2 – Go the extra mile for those who stick around

Something that outstanding companies do is provide an extraordinary experience to loyal customers. It is without a doubt that every guest’s experience should be special, but outstanding hotels know the value of return customers. These individuals cost less to target, and tend to spend more money when they do come back. It is definitely worthwhile to invest in them and offer them something special.


Since nearly everyone has access to a mobile phone nowadays, mobile technology is a great way for hotels to keep engaging with guests. Some big hotel names such as Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott have their own mobile applications, and constantly update their rewards programs within that. Guests are able to choose which room they wish to stay in, and can even chat with a staff member so they don’t have to call.


Conclusion: Offering services and rewards via mobile technology is valuable to all customer-service centered companies.


3 – Advertise employee insiders on social media


Social media makes it easy for companies to spread relevant content. Something that often appeals to customers is an insider’s look into the organization. One of the best, yet the most underrated, sources of this material is your very own employees.


Quite a few businesses have utilized this approach, uploading different types of content where their employees give special insight to viewers, or even take them backstage for a closer look at how things work.


Conclusion: An insider’s look into an organization is often very appealing to customers. Your brand can utilize this approach to draw customers in, building relationships based on what the company is and does rather than just what they provide.


4 – Be creative when it comes to content


Creating and distributing online material is cost-effective, yet still has the ability to give you a big boost in returns if used correctly. For that reason, content marketing appeals to many businesses. That being said, many businesses end up using the blog area of their websites as just places to put content. However, being creative and producing more valuable content can allow you to connect with customers in a more meaningful manner.


You might try to produce content that gives customers a look at what your business is, integrating it into a lifestyle. Be sure to align your content with the way you have positioned your brand. If you are focused on luxury, your content has to portray the luxurious lifestyle that comes with your hotel. If you are going for a simple, minimalistic approach, your content has to highlight that, too.


Conclusion: Come up with unique content that aligns with your branding to offer your customers.

Why Hotels Should Focus on Digital Marketing

In almost any industry, it is vital to increase the visibility of your business. It is especially important in the hotel industry, where there are hordes of competitors. Integrating digital marketing into your marketing strategy can be a game changer for your hotel.


A particular digital marketing tool that many hoteliers use is social media. Even if you don’t use social media yourself, you have to admit that it can do wonders at connecting you to prospective customers. However, if you are not particularly well-versed at social media marketing, it may be worth hiring someone who is.


Digital hoteliers are professionals who market your hotel via social media, often bringing in up to 60% of your bookings. Guests can use social media to expand your reach even further by posting pictures, status updates, and tagging your hotel. Paying a professional often pays for itself because a good social media presence can bring in many customers.


Nowadays, people like to read reviews before settling on a hotel to spend their weekend at. Social media sites such as Facebook, as third-party sites such as TripAdvisor are particularly prominent for this purpose. After a stay, some of your guests may leave a review, letting other people know what they liked and didn’t like about their stay. Do your best to respond to these comments, thanking them for staying and taking their criticisms into consideration.


Other digital marketing methods such as pay-per-click, search engine optimization, and email marketing may complement your marketing strategy as well. One or a few of these can help target your prospective customers better, also helping you to reduce costs and increase revenues. Being the first item people see on a search engine results page can go a long way to increasing your visibility.


When running a marketing campaign, digital marketing can help you define an audience. For example, let’s say you want to run a Mother’s Day promotion. After outlining the campaign, you could share it on social media, encouraging husbands to take their wives for a beachside stay to enjoy their day. People may share your post, which will widen the exposure of your campaign. An email offer will help as well, especially if it is linked with your social media pages.


Of course, every website should have a professional design and a straightforward user interface as to make it easier for customers to book rooms. Don’t forget your mobile users – lots of people today browse on the go. If you want to take it one step further, you can even develop an app!

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the now the most effective & affordable way to advertise, it allows you to reach millions of potential customers with controlled budgets, and allows you to see what works well, and what doesn’t – it also lets you track the results of your campaigns – offline advertising doesn’t allow this, in this article, we’ll go over the benefits of advertising online:


Targeted audience

Through digital marketing, you can target an audience in a cost-effective way no matter how far they are and how large the group is. Distance, size, and location aren’t big problems when it comes to digital marketing.


Increased brand loyalty

Through different channels that are available online, you can increase brand loyalty. Using social media & email marketing is a great way to make sure your current customers stay engaged and loyal to your brand.


Increase online sales

It’s now much easier to link both your social media and websites together to drive traffic and achieve growth through digital marketing.


Reach a global audience

Distance and location aren’t issues when it comes to marketing online. Your website and social media accounts allow you to become visible all over the world which lets you reach a global audience.



As long as your digital marketing campaigns are properly planned, they are much more cost-effective at finding your target audience compared to offline advertising. Through methods such as Google AdWords, SEO, and Facebook Advertising, you can make yourself visible to your target audience while spending less than you would through traditional marketing.


The results are measurable

There are multiple web analytics tools that can help you track your online marketing campaigns’ success. You can easily check your website traffic and click-through rates, and if you are using social media advertising, Facebook Advertising has data analytic tools that can help you track and improve your advertising efforts.


You become a more open brand

People love it when a brand is open to connecting with its audience. Through social media, you can easily connect and build customer relationships by becoming more personal with your consumers and by showing them a different side to your brand.


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Social Media Trip For Hospitality Business

If you are in the hospitality business, you can reap the benefits of a world that has been trending towards digital technology. One of the biggest things that came out of this digital technology movement is social media. Today, a lot of businesses now market their products through social media. Your hospitality business can also use social media to its advantage by following these tips:


Know your objective

A lot of businesses use social media without even defining their objectives. You should first know what you want social media to do for your hospitality business. After that, all of your social media efforts should flow directly towards that objective. This allows you to focus on one main goal without having to waste a lot of time seeking different objectives on social media.


Start small

Don’t go all out on all social media platforms available. Start small by first using one social network. Maybe Facebook, the most popular social network, is a good first step for you. Or if you want to focus on visual content and post photos and videos of your hospitality business, maybe Instagram is for you. Or if you want to focus on giving out updates on promos and discounts, you can also try Twitter.


Set measurable goals

Once you already know your objectives and when you already have a social media account, set goals for your social networking accounts. Maybe you want 100 likes on Facebook this week. Maybe you want your Instagram to have 50 followers in its first three days. Maybe you are aiming for a thousand retweets for one of your Twitter accounts’ tweets.


Hire the best person for the job

Ideally, if you are a small business owner, you’re the best one to handle the job of supervising your social media efforts. After all, nobody knows the business better than you. However, if you are a growing business and you don’t have enough time on your hands to handle the social media accounts but you do have a staff, then look for someone who knows the social media trends and is dedicated to learning more about it.


Make sure your content is updated

In the world today, relevant content is what matters most on social media. For your hospitality business, it’s always better to have content that you can post to increase customer engagement and follows. Visual content is preferable to text but you can still use the latter especially if you want your customers to know more about your business.


Make sure your followers are involved

Customer involvement is important when it comes to improving engagement in the hospitality industry. You want to make sure that people will be sharing and posting your content as much as possible to improve follows and traffic. This means that you have to inspire them and make them feel like you are worth the share. You can do so by adding links to your social media accounts or by sending out emails.


Try to respond to everyone as much as possible

This is important if you are on Facebook. You can’t avoid the fact that customers will want to ask questions on your social media page or even send you direct messages. Make sure you respond to those queries on time and respectfully to improve customer satisfaction and user engagement. This can lead to a potential fan or even a loyal customer that will keep on coming back to your hospitality business. Always remember that customer satisfaction is important in business and is even more important in the hospitality industry.


At Cubic Hospitality, we specialise in unique, converting social media campaigns for hotels, get in touch today to see how we can help.


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