How Digital Marketing Works for Small Hotels

Small hotel owners have to be careful on how to grow their hotel, gone are the days of easily scaling without competition, many industries are now saturated with funded corporations, which make it difficult for newcomers to enter the market. One of the most effective ways for small hotels to grow is by having a digital marketing strategy that’s consistent and effective, and at times, it can be much more effective than what the large corporations are doing.


Digital marketing is one of the best ways to promote a product in 2018, with the penetration of mobile phones, advertising online is much easier than offline. You should aim to target mobile users rather than desktop, as research has shown that mobile usage is outgrowing desktop PC’s year on year.


Here are some tips on how to make the most from digital marketing:


Focus on SEO-rich content

The reason why digital marketing is so great for small hotels is because it doesn’t require a ton of money to get going, blogs are a great example of a way to gain traffic and not go broke in the process. Are you passionate about your hotel? Great! Write about it. You should make sure that the content is optimised correctly for your keywords, and is interesting enough for new visitors to read through, then proceed to the rest of your site. SEO lets people know about your product simply by searching it, this is a huge driver of sales and growth for small hotels – use it to your advantage.


Create attention-catching content


You need to create content that will compel users to read on and learn more about your product. It’s 2018, people have a much lower attention span than 20 years ago, your content needs to be unique and eye-catching to drive conversions and growth. Make sure it isn’t too long, and include images, gifs, and videos to enhance the user experience.



Have a good reputation online


Managing your reputation online is vital for small hotels, nobody looks at newspapers on where to go anymore, they use Google. If your Google My Business page is not clearly filled out, has no pictures, and has mixed reviews – you’re not going to drive any sales or growth. You should make sure that people can easily relate to you and your brand the moment they find it.


Engage with your customer base


Maintaining a loyal customer base is a great way to succeed in digital marketing, by doing so, they can recommend you to more people and be repeat customers, which helps drive revenue and growth. You can also ask your customers to leave reviews on Google My Business, or review sites like Trustpilot. When your customers have a positive experience, it becomes a lot easier to acquire new customers.


Email Campaigns


Emailing is still one of the most cost-efficient means of marketing. The benefits of email marketing is the you can create new business, and attract loyal customers through regular updates. You can also re-attract existing customers by establishing brand loyalty, which will result in repeat orders. This is a cheap and effective way of growing your business online.


At Cubic Hospitality, we specialise in effective digital marketing services that help hotel owners reach customers, get in touch today to see how we can help.


How to Make Your Hospitality Unique

Hospitality is becoming one of the worlds largest industries, growing rapidly year on year, so how does one stand out from the rest? If your business involves taking care of customers, then you will need to have a plan for what kind of hospitality that you provide – you can be a hotel, restaurant, private resort, or a casino, there’s a general set of rules to follow when trying to provide a great and unique experience to customers, in this article, we will explain two ways that you can provide excellent hospitality to your customers:


It helps you gain loyal customers


In the hospitality sector, the customer is always your main priority. They are at the heartbeat of hospitality, and will always results in the business succeeding or failing. To explain further, a satisfied customer will recommend to four of their friends, while an angry one will complain to 3,000. When a customer pays for a room or a meal, it’s much more than that – they’re paying for the experience, the vibe and the high quality level of service.


By providing above-standard customer service you will find that you gain more loyal customers on a higher conversion rate compared to your competitors, this helps you achieve repeating orders and it will help you business grow healthily. You should also consider how the customer views the restaurant, and see how you can improve the experience. Look at how your hospitality effects the overall service. Get to know the customers’ names, understand what makes them happy and create a relationship with them.


High-quality hospitality will make you unique from your competitors


There are tens of millions of hotels, bars, resorts and other hospitality-focused businesses in the world, but nothing is perfect – there’s always room to improve.  Because of this, you should have a clear cut plan on how to deliver and execute high-quality hospitality, you should look at what your competitors are doing wrong, and find improvements that can be made in your process. If you want to run a successful customer focused business, you will need dedicated, motivated staff that are happy to help all customers, every day. You should also focus on unique areas in the business like the furniture, menus, music, etc – it’s best to ensure that your customers are able to locate the unique elements, as this results in them remembering their visit.


However, it’s not just enough to provide excellent hospitality. If you want to make yourself stand out, you will need to go above and beyond your competitors – become the leader in your area and set the bar for incredible hospitality, you will find your competitors trying to keep up. Customers expect incredible service and a unique experience – it’s what they’re not expecting that will truly give your business a boost.


At Cubic Management, we help businesses deliver incredible and unique hospitality to their customers, we’re primarily involved in consulting and management – but we also offer digital services that will help you expose your brand to wider audiences, get in touch today to see how we can help.




Why you need a hospitality consultancy

The primary goal of a hotel consultancy is to provide professional advice to investors or individuals looking to enter the hospitality industry, along with assisting hotels and resorts, generally independent, which already exist.


The most vital part of a great hotel consulting company should include the many years of experience it has in relation to not only hotel operation, but the hotel business in general, most consultancies should also have international experience for any clients that are looking to expand out of their home market. A great consultancy will not try to sell you a fake dream, or lead you on for extra billable hours – they will take action and provide value for the rate that they charge.


If you’re looking to hire the services of a company that specialises in hotels and resorts, it should not be thought as an unnecessary expense or as a last resort when things get bad. An experienced and premium hotel management consultancy is an excellent investment to obtain the best results for your business in terms of growth, and quality.


In this article we will look at why it’s a great idea to hire a hotel management consultancy for your hotel or resort.



  • Some hotels struggle. Even after a while in their industry, to be clear on their business model and objectives. Opportunities always come up and leave the founders with no time to actually manage the hotel efficiently, which results in bad reviews, unhappy employees, and an unhealthy business. An external hotel management consulting will be able to identify the strengths of the hotel, and take advantage of the opportunities that may arise, they will also make sure that resources are spent efficiently.


  • Attention to detail. At times, we do not understand our failures compared to our competitors. The secret of success, however, is often in the fine print, those that come from real-world experiences like a hotel management consultancy is able to optimise this experience and use it to the advantage of your hotel or resort during their work.


  • New opportunities. A hotel management consultancy that has worked with many different hotels will have a lot of important contacts in the industry, this can be a great way to get things moving faster, and bring a better customer experience to your hotel. You’ll also be able to save a lot of time, as you won’t have to make these contacts yourself!


  • Proven solutions. It always seems like every problem that comes up in a hotel or resort is new and unique, and that it will take a considerable amount of time to fix it. As a founder, it’s normal for it to be a new situation that’s difficult to deal with, but hotel management consultancies have dealt with a lot! They have experience in fixing many problems, and will be able to handle it quickly and efficiently.
  • A facilitator. Sadly it is very common for hotels, specially family hotels to have personal conflicts that can prevent the hotel from being successful. These issues are rarely fixed without the intervention of an outsider, whose opinion is unbiased and is able to create a fair solution for all.


At Compass Hospitality, we offer consultancy services for hotels and resorts in Thailand, get in touch today to see how we can help.


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